Quick Tips to Prevent Common Running Injuries

Running is a common exercise right now, but follow these tips to keep from getting injured as you start or increase the amount you run.

by Ben Kittredge, M.D.

The Virtual Athlete: The Rise of Video Gaming and Related Injuries

As more people play video games, the number of injuries related to gaming increases.

by Eli Reece

OrthoVirginia Welcomes Three New Physicians to Richmond, Virginia

OrthoVirginia welcomes Justin D. Dumont, DO, MS; Aaron S. Ferro, DO; and Brad Stovall, DO, to the practice in Richmond, Virginia.

Ultimate Frisbee: A Real Sport with Real Injuries

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport with a high rate of reported injuries. Learn the common injuries and ways you can help prevent them.

by Eli Reece

Back to Flying Trapeze

An athlete tells her story of returning to sports after an ACL injury.

Hydration Tips to Help Beat the Heat

Drinking plenty of water before you feel thirsty and other ways to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

by Eli Reece

Hand & Wrist Injury Prevention and Treatment

Common hand injuries and conditions and information on treating them, plus some FAQs on hand injury prevention.

OrthoVirginia Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer

OrthoVirginia announced that its board of directors has appointed John Phipps, MD, as the new Chief Executive Officer of the practice.

Eden: From Crush Injury to Cartwheels

A patient testimonial about Eden, a teen with a severe foot injury who was able to resume sports after successful treatment.

Total Joint Replacement Without a Hospital

Outpatient joint replacement surgery may be an option for patients who will be getting knee, hip or shoulder replacements.