The demand for more efficient, less invasive surgical procedures continues to rise, especially for hip-related conditions. Patients want pioneering hip procedures to significantly reduce their recovery times. And thanks to technological innovations in surgical equipment, they can receive those surgeries. 

Enter the Mizuho Hana Orthopedic Surgery Table, now being used by OrthoVirginia joint surgeons.  

“The Hana table takes much of the work off of the assistant and makes it possible for reduction of hips with greater ease,” explains Dr. Mark McMahon, a hip replacement specialist. “In other words, any lifting is done by the table, with all table movements being controlled by the surgeon. This results in a smaller incision and less soft tissue disruption than would otherwise be required if the assistant maneuvered the leg/hip into surgical positions.” 

Carbon fiber doesn’t show up on x-rays, so imaging can easily be done while the patient is on the table. X-rays during procedures can make sure that bones are in the correct position.  

“The table is an operative table specifically designed for hip and pelvis surgeries, including the anterior approach hip replacement,” continues Dr. McMahon. Numerous procedures can be performed using the Hana table in addition to the anterior approach total hip replacement (from the front) including hip arthroscopies, hip pinning, total knee replacements, and treatment of hip and lower leg fractures.  

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