Total joint replacement without the hospital.

You’ve suffered through pain. Explored physical therapy. And experimented with several medications. But your doctor still says surgery is your best option. Is a sleepless night in a hospital room inevitable? Not necessarily. Depending on your procedure and your condition, you may qualify for an alternative—and better—type of procedure.

Access the region’s top joint surgeons, without having to access a hospital.

As the largest independent orthopedic practice in Virginia, we’ve been at the forefront of same-day, rapid-recovery total joint replacement for over a decade.

We’ve performed thousands of joint replacement procedures with superior low infection rates and low 90-day readmission rates.


  • Expert staff, specialty trained in orthopedics
  • Experienced orthopedic surgery center staff
  • High-quality anesthesia medical professionals
  • More personalized care before, during and after your surgery

  1. Patients who are active and in good health, with no major medical conditions (heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, etc.).
  2. People who have a strong support system at home, with family or friends who are willing to assist in their recovery.
  3. People who are able to bathe, use the toilet and dress independently.
  4. Patients who are committed to their physical therapy care plan and willing to do what it takes to recover at home.

Rapid-recovery total joint replacement is an outpatient surgical option that takes place in an ambulatory surgery or operatory center instead of a hospital.

Instead of your surgery being performed at a hospital, it’s performed in an ambulatory surgery or operatory center. These advanced medical facilities feature all the same equipment and technology as a hospital operating room, but they’re designed to get you in, out and back to your normal life faster—without requiring a hospital stay.

With the introduction of minimally invasive techniques, modern pain protocols, improved anesthetic techniques and rapid rehabilitation protocols, joint replacement surgeries are becoming increasingly popular on an outpatient basis. In fact, by 2030, an estimated 635,000 hip replacements and 1.28 million knee replacements will be performed as outpatient procedures.

Compared to hospital inpatient surgeries, outpatient surgery center procedures:

  • Cost less
  • Have lower infection rates
  • See lower 90-day readmission rates
  • Are less painful and don’t require as many narcotic pain medications
  • Result in early mobilization
  • See fewer complications
  • Have a quicker return to daily activities

Most importantly, outpatient procedures allow you to recover in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Which means you’ll heal from surgery in a familiar environment where you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

We offer same-day outpatient surgeries in multiple convenient locations:

  • Herndon
  • Lynchburg
  • Richmond