Bike Adventure After Spine Surgery

Dr. Mazahery’s patient Larry was able to do a biking vacation, including a with 8 hours of biking over rough ground, after a back surgery that stopped his pain.

Knee Back to 100%

Dr. Lawhorn’s patient Mary tells the story of her injury and how Dr. Lawhorn was able to repair her injured knee.

Back to Flying Trapeze

An athlete tells her story of returning to sports after an ACL injury.

Eden: From Crush Injury to Cartwheels

A patient testimonial about Eden, a teen with a severe foot injury who was able to resume sports after successful treatment.

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Cindy – Hip Replacements

Cindy’s story of recovering after a hip replacement by Dr. Klein.

Ron – Surgery for Badly Broken Leg

Ron’s surgery by Dr. Bucker for his badly broken leg allowed him to take his dream motorcycle trip.