Fall Outdoor Activities

There are many things to do together with friends or family in the fall. Read out blog for more on fall outdoor activities.

Orthopedic Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room: Why and When

Ortho On Call is OrthoVirginia’s orthopedic urgent care. Read our blog to learn more about when it is appropriate to go to Ortho On Call vs the emergency room.

Active Aging Exercises

Staying active is the key to healthy aging. Read our blog for ways to keep your body moving without causing wear and tear to your joints.

Overuse Injury Basics for Parents

Dr. Aaron Ferro gives tips to parents for recognizing overuse injuries in their student-athletes.

OrthoVirginia Joins Arlington Soccer as Official Sports Medicine Provider

OrthoVirginia is the official sports medicine provider for Arlington Soccer Association

Mini-Golf for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try mini-golf but don’t know where to start? Read our blog for beginner tips and the basic rules of the game.

Common Soccer Injuries

Learn to recognize common soccer injuries you or your child may have, and when and how they should be treated.

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement: What You Need to Know

Dr. William Petersen and Dr. Thomas Klein give an overview of outpatient total joint replacement for knees and hips.

OrthoVirginia Welcomes Two New Physicians in Southwest Virginia

OrthoVirginia is pleased to announce Matthew C. Jones, M.D., MS, and Kaitlin Mahoney, D.O., CAQSM, have joined OrthoVirginia in Southwest… Read More

Childhood Injury Prevention Tips

Whether your children are playing on the playground, riding bikes or just roaming around the house, they can get injured in many ways. As National Childhood Injury Prevention Week comes to a close, read our blog for tips to help keep your children safe.