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Joint Mobility & Stability to Reduce Injury in Various Sports

Sports fall upon this continuum depending upon the rigor, force, substrate, equipment, and physical application of the activity. Swimming, for… Read More

by Austin Johns

Minimally Invasive Achilles Repair

Dr. Paul Switaj explains how to do a minimally invasive surgery to fix a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Minimally Invasive Achilles: Haglund’s Syndrome and Endoscopic Calcaneoplasty

Dr. Paul Switaj explains Haglund’s syndrome and the minimally-invasive treatment for it, endoscopic calcaneoplasty.

RunStrong: The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

I often say that if I could pick only one exercise to give to a runner, I would pick the… Read More

The Problems with Traditional Return to Play Protocols Post ACL Reconstruction

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery is one of the most damaging experiences an athlete can go through. Although orthopedic… Read More

The ACL Epidemic: What is the cause, and what do we do about it?

It is fair to say that ACL injuries have reached epidemic numbers, with an estimated 350,000 ACL reconstructions performed in… Read More

New Advancements in Treatment of Big Toe Arthritis: Synthetic Cartilage Implant (Cartiva)

Dr. Paul Switaj explains a new treatment for big toe arthritis, or hallux rigidus.

The Need for Deceleration Exercise

You can’t sprint if you’re unable to stop, and you can’t jump if you’re unable to land. The idea referenced… Read More

by Austin Johns

Arthritis of the Big Toe (Hallux Rigidus): What Are My Treatment Options?

Dr. Paul Switaj explains what hallux rigidus, or arthritis of the big toe, is and how to treat it.

Cortisone Shots

For a variety of orthopedic problems, patients frequently can benefit from “cortisone” shots, but every day I hear lots of… Read More

by Daniel E. Thompson and M.D.