Abilio Reis, MD, a spine surgeon at OrthoVirginia’s Hanover Memorial location, is the first surgeon in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic United States to use Nanovis Nanotechnology enhanced Forticore interbodies, a new type of spinal implant that uses microscopic details to mimic bone.

What are Nanovis Nanotechnology enhanced FortiCore interbodies?

A spinal fusion is a surgery used to treat some spinal conditions by connecting bones in the spine together so they can’t move. During the fusion surgery, implants called interbodies are put into the spine to hold vertebrae in place and to be a platform for new bone to grow onto, permanently connecting the vertebrae.

This specific type of interbody is textured on a microscopic level, using nanotechnology, to look like human bone. The specialized surface encourages faster bone growth because the existing bone cells react to it as if it is part of the body instead of a traditional implant. Faster bone growth allows the surgery site to stabilize more quickly and reduces the time it takes for patients to recover.

The nanotechnology has been studied and tested for years to develop the most precise surface texture possible.

“The risk of complications from a spinal fusion can be higher for certain patients,” explains Dr. Reis. “Nanovis’ Nanotechnology enhanced FortiCore interbodies are my choice because the technology provides at risk patients with the potential for stronger and faster healing.”

To see if you are a candidate for cervical fusion surgery using Nanovis Nanotechnology enhanced FortiCore interbodies, please contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Reis.