Healthy Back to School Lunch Recipes

Need new healthy school lunch recipes as your kids head back to school? Read our blog for a few lunch and snack ideas.

Bike Adventure After Spine Surgery

Dr. Mazahery’s patient Larry was able to do a biking vacation, including a with 8 hours of biking over rough ground, after a back surgery that stopped his pain.

ACL Treatment Options

Read about the different treatment options for an ACL tear. This blog includes the different graft options as well as tips to make the process better.

Meniscus Tears and Treatment

Dr. R. Brick Campbell talks about all things related to meniscus tears and treatments. He talks about the basic anatomy of the meniscus, lists out different symptoms of a tear and gives some of the treatment options.

Disc Golf for Beginners

A beginner’s guide to disc golf. A game similar to regular golf, but played with discs instead of golf balls. This guide includes terminology and disc types.

First Case Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Provide Patient-Specific Implants

Dr. Thomas Mazahery pioneered a new surgery for custom spinal implants using artificial intelligence and robotics.

Knee Back to 100%

Dr. Lawhorn’s patient Mary tells the story of her injury and how Dr. Lawhorn was able to repair her injured knee.

Foot and Ankle Exercises for Athletes

Physical therapist Amanda Garnett gives foot and ankle exercises to help the mobility, stability and strength of athletes.

Alternative Treatments for Joint Replacement

Dr. Brett Whitfield discusses alternative treatment options for osteoarthritis.

The Mako for Knee and Hip Replacements at OrthoVirginia

The Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System is now offered at OrthoVirginia’s Herndon operatory for knee and hip replacements.