Running in the Heat

Tips on how to avoid heat-related illnesses when running on hot days.

Ice vs. Heat: When Do You Use Which?

In general, ice packs are used for acute injuries and pain that involves inflammation or swelling. Heating pads are for muscle and joint pain or stiffness.

Chronic Low Back Pain Care and Prevention

Dr. Reza Salajegheh discusses the care and prevention of chronic low back pain and answers frequently asked questions.

Behind the Scenes: How Can Parents Best Help Student-Athletes?

Sports medicine physician Dr. Steve Reece gives tips on ways parents can support their student-athlete children.

Assessing Injuries in Youth Sports

Dr. Christopher Annunziata discusses four common categories of injuries in youth sports and answers frequently asked questions.

Introducing the Cori Surgical System for Knee Replacements

Dr. Bart Eastwood describes the new Cori Surigcal System for knee replacements, now available to be used by OrthoVirginia physicians.

Introducing the Mizuho Hana Orthopedic Surgery Table

The Mizuho Hana Orthopedic Surgery Table is now available for OrthoVirginia joint surgeons to use. It allows for better positioning during hip procedures.

Telemedicine Allows At-Home Care

James, a recent shoulder surgery patient, shared his experience of using telemedicine during his surgery follow-up and physical therapy.

Arlington Musculoskeletal Center Joins OrthoVirginia

Arlington Musculoskeletal Center joined OrthoVirginia on April 1, 2021.

Rapid Recovery from Total Knee and Hip Replacements

Dr. Edward Lambert, a knee and hip replacement specialist, explains his rapid recovery program for total knee and hip replacements.

by Edward Lambert, D.O.