Osteoporosis Overview

Osteoporosis Overview

Osteoporosis is a disease where bones are weak and more likely to break. It’s often not diagnosed until a bone… Read More

man playing golf

Common Golf Injuries

As the weather warms up and players get back on the golf course, the last thing a golfer needs is… Read More

man pitching baseball

Common Baseball Injuries

While baseball may not be a contact sport, there is still a significant risk of injury at any level of… Read More

teen girls playing soccer

Baseline Concussion Testing

A concussion is a type of brain injury caused by your head moving quickly and jostling your brain. Concussions are… Read More

playing basketball

Common Basketball Injuries

Many people play basketball, including professional athletes, student athletes and those who play in their leisure time. As with any… Read More

woman running outside in winter

Basic Running Tips

Running is a great form of exercise and is used by many to keep in shape. Unfortunately, nearly half of those… Read More

men playing ice hockey

Common Ice Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey has many ways a player may be injured: falling into the ice or into the boards, collision with… Read More

Who is the Primary Care Sports Medicine Patient?

Sports medicine primary care physicians can treat anyone who is physically active and help them prevent injury and maintain their physical activities.

Common Football Injuries

As fall begins, football season does too. Regardless of the level of football you play the risk of injury is still there. Read our blog post to learn more.

Active Aging Exercises

Staying active is the key to healthy aging. Read our blog for ways to keep your body moving without causing wear and tear to your joints.