As 2022 comes to an end, here are the top 10 blogs of the year!

  1. Understanding Back and Hip Pain Back and hip pain can be difficult to untangle. Danielle S. Cherrick, M.D., explains how pain management physicians can help.
  2. Understanding and Solving Shoulder Pain Pain in your shoulders makes it difficult to do daily tasks like dressing yourself. Daniel E. Weingold, M.D. shares some common causes of shoulder pain and how an orthopedic surgeon can help.
  3. Lumbar Radiculopathy: Treating Pain and Numbness in Your Legs Pinched nerves in your back can cause pain and numbness in your legs. Spinal surgeon Shane McGowan, M.D., explains how it happens and ways to prevent it.
  4. Hip and Knee Arthritis: Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment Hip and knee arthritis are common conditions that affect millions of Virginians, but they don't always require surgery. Kevin A. Pinkos, D.O., gives examples of treatments available.
  5. Washington Commanders Announce OrthoVirginia as New Training Center Entitlement Partner and Official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Provider OrthoVirginia is proud to be the partner of the Washington Commanders.
  6. OrthoVirginia Welcomes New CEO Orthopedic surgeon David S. Jevsevar, M.D., MBA, joined OrthoVirginia in May as the new Chief Executive Officer.
  7. Osteoporosis Overview Osteoporosis is a disease that can cause bones to break more easily. Learn more about this common condition and how you can help prevent it.
  8. Comparing Partial and Total Knee Replacement Joint replacement surgeon David C. Holst, M.D. knows that knee pain can be debilitating. For some patients, partial knee replacements may be a better choice than a total knee replacement.
  9. An Overview of Robotic Joint Replacements While joint replacements have been around for decades, using robotics in them is a more recent development. Orthopedic surgeon Gregory Tanner, M.D. explains how the robots work and the types of training that surgeons receive.
  10. How to Manage Pinched Nerves in the Neck Pinched nerves in your neck can be treated using disc replacements or fusions. Spine surgeon B. Thomas Mazahery, M.D. explains the difference and how your surgeon decides which surgery to use.