Tips for Working Out in Cold Weather vs. Hot Weather

Tips on how to safely work out in cold and hot weather conditions.

by Eli Reece

The Free Home Gym: Bodyweight Exercises You Can Perform At Home

Instructions on bodyweight exercises you can do at home to create a workout and exercise without equipment.

Sports Injuries in Female Athletes

Information on ACL tears in female athletes from Dr. Meghan Richardson.

Hit the Virtual Ground Running: Tips for Virtual Races

Tips and information from Dr. Kittredge about the best ways to prepare for virtual races.

by Ben Kittredge, MD

Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention

Information about hamstring injury symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Tibia Fracture Treatment and Recovery

Information about the treatment and recovery process for a tibia fracture.

Concussion Recognition and Treatment

Fifty percent of all concussions are not sports related. Dr. Omar Elkhamra discusses concussions outside or sports and answers frequently asked questions.

Common Skateboarding Injuries and Their Prevention

Skateboarding is an extremely popular sport that also poses the risk of extreme injury. Keep these tips in mind to prevent common skateboard injuries.

by Eli Reece

Causes and Prevention of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is extremely common both on and off the tennis court. In order to prevent symptoms, keep these prevention tips in mind.

by Eli Reece

Swimmer’s Shoulder Treatment and Prevention

Swimmer’s shoulder is shoulder pain caused by swimming too much, but these tips can help prevent it or to treat it.

by Eli Reece