RESTON, Va. — Recently at Reston Hospital, Dr. Thomas Mazahery performed the first artificial intelligence robotic case with custom spinal implant rods in the Washington, D.C. region. This surgery has three components:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used preoperatively to plan the case, template the custom implant, and can also be used to follow the patient postoperatively.
  2. Robotic guidance to provide accuracy and precision during screw placement.
  3. Custom rods made to precisely fit the patient anatomy and create optimal anatomical outcome.

For patients with certain spinal conditions, rods may be implanted to restore proper sagittal balance. Traditional rods require extensive adjustments in the operating room and are more likely to require revision surgery.

An artificial intelligence program analyzed x-rays and MRI scans of the patient to help guide the development of the custom rods.

“It’s exciting to be able to combine several cutting-edge technologies to be able make a patient’s life better,” says Dr. Mazahery. “The combination of AI along with robotics and custom implants creates an individualized patient plan with improved precision and accuracy, a shorter surgery, and a faster recovery. It’s revolutionizing spine surgery.”

The combination of artificial intelligence, robotic guidance, and custom rods leads to better outcomes for patients and reduced time in the operating room. For this initial patient, this technology reduced the operating time by an hour.