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Ben W. Kittredge, IV, MD
By: Ben W. Kittredge, IV, MD Two patients asked me this question last week while seeing me for a second opinion regarding knee arthroscopy.   The first patient, a 19-year-old college football player, has had intermittent discomfort in his
Dr. Kittredge practices in our Alexandria and Springfield offices.Proximal hamstring repair is a simple procedure that involves re-attaching the hamstring tendon to the bone using suture anchors. It’s similar to rotator cuff repair
Dr. Ben Kittredge discusses the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder pain. Read more about shoulder pain.Ben Kittredge, MD, practices in our Alexandria and Springfield offices.
Preventing Running InjuriesThe key to avoiding injury when training for a race whether it is a 10 K race or half marathon or a marathon is preparation. Stress injuries and stress fractures are some of the most common injuries that are seen when