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By: William R. Mook, MD What is the hip labrum?   The hip labrum is a gasket-like structure that lines the periphery of the acetabulum, or socket of the hip joint.  Like the gaskets that seal the joints between the pipes in your house
People want to feel physically capable.  There are certain exercises that translate into feeling more capable during daily living than others.  Because of its positional usefulness, the ability to perform a proper lunge will give any person
By: Mark C. Hartley, MD   Imagine a knee implant tailor-made to fit your unique size and shape. It’s an exciting new option we offer to patients at OrthoVirginia.   Total knee replacement is one of the most common – and
By: Omar Elkhamra, MD Our goal at OrthoVirginia has always been to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care for our patients. An integral part of sports care today is the management of concussions and post-concussive syndrome. The natural
By: John R. Prahinski, MD Many individuals call themselves sports medicine specialists. Our physicians are uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system.  They have years of education and carry certification
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