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By: Paul J. Switaj, MDWhat is Haglund's syndrome or deformity?Haglund's syndrome is a condition where an extra part of the heel bone sticks out and causes irritation and inflammation. Just as nose sizes and shapes vary, so there can be
By: Ryan N. Robertson, MD February is cardiac awareness month, so I wanted to take a chance to comment on the importance of cardiac health. At OrthoVirginia, we have many young and older patients with cardiac disease both known and unknown
By: Ryan N. Robertson, MDWith the new year many people are making resolutions. One we would like to help with is for people to become more active and more medically informed. To this regard I am starting/leading a local chapter of a program and
OrthoVirginia has announced that the Virginia Institute for Sports Medicine (VISM) will join the practice effective Jan. 1, 2019.   OrthoVirginia is headquartered in Richmond and is the state’s largest provider of  musculoskeletal
By: Paul J. Switaj, MDWhat is Posterior Impingement?Posterior ankle impingement syndrome causes pain in the back of ankle. It typically occurs in a position of forced plantar flexion (foot pointing downwards). Push-off maneuvers, particularly with
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