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Foot and Ankle
It's seems like every weekend there is a 5k, 8k, 10k, mud run, color run or the upcoming suntrust marathon here in richmond virginia. Many runners train themselves versus joining a training team and thus may have experienced some injuries along
Very high arches can cause you to alter your gait, which can result in back pain.  With high arches, the feet tend to supinate, or roll out.  This results in the ligaments and skeletal structure exerting an external rotational force on the
Running FeetRunners typically experience foot pain for a variety of reasons.  People often assume their problem is that they “pronate”.  However,   during each step it is normal to both supinate and pronate.  A
Almas Abbas, PA-C, works in our Arlington and Tysons offices.“I felt someone kick the back of my leg, and when I turned around no one was there.”It happens to all weekend warriors…we get older, we still try to keep up with
Meghan Heins, PA-C is a physician assistant who works in our Arlington and Tysons offices.Injury to the growth plate of the heel, also known as Sever’s Disease, can be a common cause of heel pain in children and adolescents. It is rarely
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