OrthoVirginia Blog

As Spring Approaches – We're Ready

Brantley Vitek, MD

As much as we Virginians love the winter season, with the holidays, skiing and ice skating, snow days and sledding, eventually we're ready for warmer weather. Sometimes it seems as if spring will never arrive. But it always comes. And it's almost here.

The change in weather brings with it the compulsory change in human behavior: time to go outside!

Drive past a soccer field in Mclean, a baseball diamond in Springfield, a lacrosse game in Manassas and you will see the same thing: our youth embracing the joy of spring sports.

And it's not just the kids making the transition. Those of us slightly past our prime are still bringing it. Softball players, soccer players, lacrosse players, swimmers, bikers, runners, rowers, triathletes… you name it, we're doing it when spring arrives.

But this "spring renewal" can bring unforeseen risks. Every year, our natural tendency to get outside and get active can result in slips, trips and falls, sprains and strains, and sports-related injuries. At OrthoVirginia, we're experts in the injuries and conditions that spring brings, and we are ready and willing to help.

So, whether your child athlete has been injured, or you (a serious athlete or not-so-serious weekend warrior) run into trouble with your normally reliable body parts, make an appointment to meet with one of Virginia's musculoskeletal experts.

As the poet Alexander Pope wrote, Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Here's hoping your spring renewal is a happy and a healthy one!