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Patient Satisfaction: Make Your Voice Heard

We have a question or concern about a service experience and we want answers. Usually the issue is resolved. But sometimes – if we don’t get a timely or respectful response – the situation escalates and communication becomes unproductive.

At Commonwealth Orthopaedics, we are proud that a vast majority of our customers would recommend our physicians and services to a friend or loved one. Our patient satisfaction scores are consistently strong: 94% of patients and family members are very satisfied or extremely satisfied with our physicians and offices; more than 96% feel that way about our outpatient surgery centers; and 99% of physical therapy patients are satisfied customers.

But what happens when a customer isn’t happy? Perhaps it’s a billing question or dissatisfaction with an interaction with an employee or physician. Regardless of the issue, when a patient or family member has a legitimate concern, there are simple things we can all do to produce a positive result.

Commonwealth has the responsibility to listen carefully to every issue, treat customers with respect, provide accurate information and respond in a timely way.

Customers have responsibilities, too! Here are some tips to resolve issues effectively:

  • Assume the person you are talking to is acting in good faith and wants to help.
  • Approach the problem with an attitude of cooperation rather than confrontation.
  • Keep the conversation fact-oriented and focus on resolving the problem.
  • If the first person you talk to can’t help, ask to speak to a supervisor. Keep reaching up the chain until you find someone with the information and authority to address your concern.

At Commonwealth, we are always working to improve the customer experience. We recently implemented a system-wide electronic medical record, which provides fast and easy access to patient records. We are about to open a centralized scheduling center with a single phone number patients can call to make appointments at any of our office locations. And plans are in the works for a patient portal on our website where patients can fill out paperwork in advance of appointments, reducing office wait times.