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The Kitchen – don't make it an Ergonomics Disaster!

The Kitchen – an Ergonomics Disaster!


Several of the activities we do in the kitchen are easy and painless, until you have a back problem.  By developing healthy habits in the kitchen and around the house you can help prevent poor posture and help relieve or prevent future problems.


  • Try to avoid leaning forward over the kitchen sink.  Instead, try opening a cabinet door under the sink and resting your foot on the shelf to give your back more stability.  Also, try to tighten your lower abdominal muscles as you are standing and moving.
  • When reaching into lower cabinets to get those pesky plastic containers and pots/pans, squat from your knees and avoid bending forward from your hips.  This allows your back to stay in a more neutral position and uses your leg muscles, instead of straining your back muscles.
  • If you are going to be doing something where you are standing at the counter for a prolonged period of time, take a break and pinch shoulder blades back for 5 seconds a couple times. 
  • Be mindful of how your body feels.  If you start to feel aching in your neck or back, change positions or stop and switch to a different activity.
  • If you experience pain, contact your physical therapist or physician.


Shannon L. Lasowitz, DPT

Physical Therapist