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Running Feet

Running Feet

Runners typically experience foot pain for a variety of reasons.  People often assume their problem is that they “pronate”.  However,   during each step it is normal to both supinate and pronate.  A problem may arise if the timing between pronation and supination is incorrect or if there is an imbalance between the amount pronation and supination.

As a runner you want and need your foot to both absorb body forces and provide a stable lever to propel you forward.  As we supinate the joints become stable and our foot/ankle is efficient at propelling us forward.  As we pronate our arch drops and our foot/ankle is more efficient at absorbing body forces.

If you are experiencing foot/ankle pain a physical therapist can evaluate your feet and how it relates to the rest of your body.  Your physical therapist can help determine specific exercises to correct for muscle imbalances and weakness, or if inserts or a different type of shoe may be beneficial to get you back on the road.


Rob Lehner, DPT