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Katie Canestrano, OTR/L, Certified Hand TherapistWhat types of tendon injuries do you see?Tendon injuries can be isolated, such as a laceration from a knife; or in tandem with other traumas, like fractures and nerve lacerations. Some tendon
Having good posture is one of those things that many people know they should focus on but few people do.  Simply put, posture is the way you hold your body in an upright position while you are sitting, standing, laying down, etc.  Having
Very high arches can cause you to alter your gait, which can result in back pain.  With high arches, the feet tend to supinate, or roll out.  This results in the ligaments and skeletal structure exerting an external rotational force on the
Running FeetRunners typically experience foot pain for a variety of reasons.  People often assume their problem is that they “pronate”.  However,   during each step it is normal to both supinate and pronate.  A