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Functional Exercise- Deadlift technique with Physical Therapy

The deadlift is a great exercises to help learn proper lifting mechanics for everyday life. Activating all major muscle group makes the deadlift one of the best exercises for general fitness as well as burning fat. There are many varieties of the deadlift exist and are great to supplement into an exercises program. Check on the video made by OrthoVirginia Lynchburg's Physical Therapist Jimmy McCloskey. The video provides tips on the proper form and benfits of integrating the deadlift into your exercise routine, as well as some of the common faults in from that can lead to injury.


Benefit of deadlifts:

Activates all major muscle groups

Improve functional strength

Improved posture

Improved grip strength

Increased fat burning


Common faults with the dead lift:

Rounded low back

Poor core activation

Poor hamstring flexibility

Rounded shoulders

Upper body too vertical

Hips raise early


Dead lifting Cues:

Stand with feet just wider than shoulder width apart bar above base of toes

Retract shoulder blades, tighten core, externally rotate feet into ground

Bend from waist and knees down to the bar

Bar should be touching shins at start

Begin lift by activating gluts extending the hips and knees

Drag the bar up your shins, knee shoulder be fully extended when bar is just below mid thigh

Finish the pull by continuing to contract glutes bringing your hips to the bar standing fully upright with shoulder back

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This is the first time I have heard about this Deadlift technique. It is the best physical therapy that will activate your entire major muscles group and is best for getting general fitness. Thank you for sharing the benefits and common faults of this therapy.
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Wow i am really excited to know about this dead lift technique as it's my first time to get it here. I am extremely happy for the way you people have explained the benefits of this exercise so that every one follow it to burn fat and stay healthy, slim.
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thank you fro sharing this information.The physio therapy was helpful for the muscles ,born.daily more patient are see the physio therapist.thank you
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You have presumably observed a deadlift performed either in the exercise center As a physical specialist, you will frequently be showing your patients the most secure approach to lift questions up starting from the earliest stage. This is a fundamental aptitude to have as an expert.
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Now I know what deadlifts is all about. Such technique is very effective and safe. Thanks for this info. I learned a lot.
1/18/2017 1:13:01 AM

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