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Patients with larger, more severe rotator cuff tears may require surgery. Common surgical methods include traditional open repair; mini-open repair(using arthroscopy and a smaller incision); and allarthroscopic repair. In this procedure, I would
A rotator cuff tear is more acute than tendinitis and usually causes prolonged and worsening pain. An MRI can determine if a patient has a torn rotator cuff. Several treatments options exist so early diagnosis and treatment are critical, especially
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is essentially a pinched nerve in the wrist. It is the most common nerve problem in the upper extremity. Women are affected more frequently then men. The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is compression of the median nerve in the
Preventing Running InjuriesThe key to avoiding injury when training for a race whether it is a 10 K race or half marathon or a marathon is preparation. Stress injuries and stress fractures are some of the most common injuries that are seen when
Sometimes there is a rush to play after many foot and ankle injuries due to lack of knowledge about the different injuries by the athlete, coaches or even family members.  There is always the assumption that the injury is a minor “sprain