Investing in Online Reviews: How SocialClimb Led OrthoVirginia to Improve Quality Outcomes

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry. Medicines improve. Surgeries become less invasive. And alongside the transformation of the medical practice, the… Read More

How to Avoid Common Winter Injuries

A list of common causes of winter injuries and tips on how to avoid them.

How to Watch a Facebook Live Event

Information on how to view OrthoVirginia Facebook Live events.

Exercise Isn’t Enough: What to Consume Before, During, and After Your Workout

Exercising isn’t enough to meet your fitness goals. Use these tips on what to consume before, during, and after your workout to maximize fitness results.

Fall Prevention Education

Follow these tips to help prevent falls, or to take care of yourself if you do fall.

by Sarah Woodford, PT, DPT
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Alphabet Soup – What do those letters mean?

Explanations of what the various certifications for physical therapy and hand therapy mean.

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Tenex FAST Technique: An Exciting New Treatment Option for Chronic Tendinitis

Information about the Tenex FAST technique for chronic tendinitis, including frequently asked questions.