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February is American Heart Month.  One of the important ways of protecting your heart health is through physical activity, and regular exercise.  Exercise and regular activity are helpful in controlling blood pressure, managing a healthy
Dr. Zimmer practices in our Burke and Springfield offices.One of the most common elbow problems is pain on the outside or lateral side of the elbow which is called tennis elbow familiarly or lateral epicondylitis in medical terms. Tennis elbow
During the month of December 2012, OrthoVirginia employees and physicians donated over 950 pounds of non-perishable items to FeedMore.org.  In the spirit of giving, OrthoVirginia employees wanted to help out their community. They also used the
Alexander Croog, MD specializes in hand and upper extremities. He practices out of the Fair Oaks and Fairfax offices.The biceps muscle is in the front of your upper arm. It helps you bend your elbow and rotate your arm. It also helps keep