Patient Stories

Mark P. Madden, MD - Retired

My Story:

Thanks to Dr. Madden, at 48 years old I can enjoy my life again and I am no longer dependent upon walkers, scooters and canes. For 8 years I have suffered with hip pain and loss of range of motion in my legs. My previous Dr. would not do surgery stating my weight and age were a factor. I went to Dr. Madden for a second opinion and it was the best thing I have ever done. I had a total hip replacement Feb. 25, 2013 and I feel great. I feel like a new person. I can do things that I haven't done in years, like putting my socks on and tying my own shoes. Most importantly I can do things with my 4 year old grand daughter. This picture is Aubrey and I riding the big wheel at a carnival. Before surgery I would not have been able to lift my leg to get on the ride or even be there walking around. I thank God for Dr. Madden and his team for such wonderful care, support and their medical knowledge. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate. This is a wonderful group of doctors and medicial professionals. I look forward to seeing everyone again when it's time for my knee replacement.