Patient Stories

John W. Barnard, Jr., MD

Dr. Barnard performed two surgeries for me, one a total hip replacement and the other a total knee. Both were done in 2008, 10 years ago!

My quality of life post surgery is vastly improved and I am pain free in these joints after many years of "limping along" so to speak.

It was necessary for us to move home to Michigan just 3 short weeks after the second surgery, the knee replacement so I completed my physical therapy in Michigan.

I was impressed with the professionalism and for the obvious care Dr. Barnard exhibited for me as a person. He was conscious of my pain and the limited mobility and the consequences of these in my overall well being.

I was especially impressed by his involvement in the research and development of joint cartilage growth as well prosthesis design and functionality. He used a new implant design during my knee surgery which has worked out extremely well for me.

Also, due to some very old injuries due to a car accident I was involved in many years ago, there were some unique challenges he encountered in correctly aligning the new joint. In fact the day of surgery, he insisted on an operating room equipped with a computer alignment system!

I'm in hopes that Dr. Barnard will get this message! Thank you so much Sir!