Patient Stories

Peter R. Thomas, MD

My Story:

I first went to OrthoVirginia years ago when I saw Dr. Thompson. I had the best of care. He not only removed the large cyst, he also removed the arthritis I did not know I had in my knee. The next Dr. at OrthoVirginia did the carpal tunnel on my right hand. Excellent. With such trust, I put my 87 year old mother's knee in Dr. Thompson's hands. Now it is time to take care of me again. OrthoVirginia assigned me Dr. Thomas. My family physician knew who I was about to see and told me what a great doctor I was getting. I can't wait to get my surgery so I can have feeling back in my hand and have the pain gone.

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can... have complete faith that I have the best doctor out there for my care.