Patient Stories

Brian P. Gladnick, MD

After she tore the cartilage in her right hip in Pilates class, Peggy did what lots of people do: she ignored it and hoped the pain would go away. When the tear grew worse and continued to aggravate minor arthritis, she tried everything she could think of to avoid surgery. Pain grew with every step, however, and the 70-year-old from Falls Church finally faced facts. “My life had shut down in many ways because of the pain,” she recalls. “It was time for a new hip.”

Peggy consulted OrthoVirginia surgeon Brian Gladnick, MD, who recommended an innovative technique: direct anterior hip replacement. In this procedure, the surgeon reaches the hip joint from the front instead of the back or side. Muscles are separated, rather than removed and reattached, which leaves those most important for hip function—the gluteus muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur—undisturbed.

Direct anterior total hip replacement offers all of the benefits of minimally invasive surgery, including smaller incisions, less tissue damage and bleeding, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and earlier return to work and activities.

Just three days after her surgery, Peggy began in-home physical therapy and was walking without a walker within a week. Gradually, her ability to do things around the house and return to work without pain increased, and she’s back to the gardening she loves.

“Assomeone who dreaded the prospect of a difficult surgery and recovery, finding Dr. Gladnick was a miracle,” she says. “Before I came to OrthoVirginia, I didn’t even know there was a choice of approach in hip replacement.I fell into the right hands when I needed to and I am so grateful.”