Patient Stories

D. Andrew Parker, MD

When soccer player Nate first noticed hip and groin pain several years ago, he and his doctor thought it was probablyan injury from the rough and tumble of competition. But the pain persisted and eventually got so bad that the Loudoun County teenager and his parents turned to OrthoVirginia’s medical experts for help. OrthoVirginia surgeon Thomas Klein, MD, diagnosed femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and referred Nate to Andrew Parker, MD, whose areas of specialization include FAI treatment.  

FAI occurs when the rounded top of the femoral head does not fit perfectly into the hip socket, causing the hip bones to rub against each other. The condition requires attention to prevent long-term damage, including premature arthritis.

Nate wanted to get back on the soccer field as soon as possible to help his elite soccer club, Loudoun 98 Red, make it to regionals. Together with Dr. Parker, he and his parents opted for minimally invasive arthroscopic hip surgery to repair his labrum cartilage tear, and re-shape his hip bone structure to a more normal contour. This would relieve his pain and disability in the short term, and remove a major risk factor for arthritis in the future. 

Arthroscopic repair of labral injuries allows surgeons a full view of the hip without having to cut through nerves or muscles. Patients experience less pain and blood loss and fewer complications. The result is a more balanced, stable repair that helps restore full function.

One week after his surgery, Nate began a strict schedule of twice daily physical therapy, progressing from walking to jogging to sprinting and eventually to full contact sports. Just four months after his FAI procedure, hereturned to the soccer field in time to help Loudoun 98 Red reach the regional finals. “I was so happy to be back with the team participating in our success at regionals,” says Nate, who hopes to play Division 1 soccer in college.  

Nate has referred family and friends to Dr. Parker and has nothing but praise for the surgeon. “He explained everything so I understood all my options, and let me and my parents make the ultimate decision to go ahead with surgery,” he says.