Patient Stories

Ryan N. Robertson, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I walk without pain.
I am 71 and have been an avid walker-2 miles a day. So when I started having pain on my left side I went to Ortho Virginia for help. I did receive a guided cortisone shot in May and that helped me through the summer. I realized I needed a new hip. Ryan is the youngest son of one of my very good friends. He came to Ortho Virginia October 1, 2018. I contacted him and he could perform the surgery on November 1. I had the surgery at Henrico Doctors Hospital on Parham Road. It is a wonderful hospital with the entire third floor dedicated to joint replacements. All the rooms are private and the physical therapy rooms are on this same floor, I had surgery at 8am and was settled in my room by noon. I was up and walking soon after. I returned home the next day to walk upstairs my bedroom. I had a nurse and physical therapist come to my house the next day. The nurse returned 5 days later to remove my dressing. I was able to shower all of this time, the physical therapist came for 4 visits and then back to Dr Robertson 2 weeks after surgery to be released!! I used a walker for 4 days and then moved to a cane. I am walking further each day and will start driving next week. I could have driven during the second week but chose not to. It has not been a difficult recovery. If you are having hip issues, experiencing pain when walking, consult Dr. Robertson at Ortho Virginia!