Patient Stories

Due to an automobile accident in 1980 in which he crushed a vertebrae and severely injured his back, John suffers from several degenerative conditions.  Four years following the accident he underwent surgery to help him walk, but in time, John’s condition worsened and left him coping with severe pain everyday.

A few years ago, John’s physician referred him to OrthoVirginia for further treatment.  Since John had very young children, his OrthoVirginia physician initially sent him to a therapy program to get him back in shape and delay surgery.  While the therapy worked to help him regain strength and flexibility, John’s worsening condition soon necessitated an operation. 

In January of 2006, John underwent a surgical procedure to relieve the pain caused by his spinal stenosis and bulging discs.  And, remarkably, his recovery was swift.

John describes his experience, “From the beginning, my OrthoVirginia physician involved me and informed me and really impressed upon me the importance of taking charge of my own recovery.  He gave me all the tools for my success.  Because of the therapy program, I was in great shape going into the operation.  I was walking within two hours of waking up, and I enjoyed a very short rehab time.  I really had a wonderful experience.”

John was particularly impressed by the people he encountered along his journey.  He says, “My OrthoVirginia physician put so much effort into educating me and answering my questions.  And, in terms of skill, he is very talented—probably among the best surgeons in the world.” 

He continues, “The staff at the OrthoVirginia physical therapy center was incredible.  They are very capable, educated, and professional.  They really made my recovery feel like a very personal experience.”

Today, John is getting back to his life as a scientist, musician, husband, and father.  Whereas severe pain was a daily issue before, he is now enjoying a nearly pain-free existence. 

He says with enthusiasm, “I can play all night with my band and not wake up sore the next day.  I can swim more.  I can get out and play with my children and pick them up.  It’s a wonderful thing.  I love that I can carry them on my shoulders now.”