Patient Stories

Mark R. McMahon, MD

Donna was overjoyed when she gave birth to her “miracle baby”—Kelly Grace—last year. But shortly after her C-section, the 46-year-old software consultant from West Springfield began to experience pain in her right hip, which grew steadily worse over the next 12 months. Her family doctor referred her to Mark McMahon, MD, at OrthoVirginia, who performed arthroscopic hip surgery in May.

Although the procedure relieved Donna’s pain, Dr. McMahon recommended post-operative physical therapy to strengthen her muscles and prevent the problem from recurring. For six weeks, she worked with Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, a physical therapist specially trained in core stabilization and Pilates at OrthoVirginia’s Springfield office.

Core stabilization involves exercises for the deep abdominal muscles, trunk extensor muscles and deep muscles of the back that control rotational movement of the spine. Donna’s pregnancy and C-section had weakened those muscles and made her especially vulnerable to low back and pelvic injuries. Under Wendel’s guidance, she focused on a combination of flexibility, balance and hip strengthening exercises to help her return to her normal activities and quality of life.

Donna was impressed with her results, which strengthened her core and made it easier for her to chase after her active and growing toddler. She was equally impressed with the personal attention and care she received from everyone at OrthoVirginia.

“They took into consideration that I’m a busy, working mother and tailored the exercises to fit my schedule and give me the results I needed.”

Just two months after her surgery, Donna was able to resume one of her favorite activities—a monthly golf game with her husband. “Golf requires a strong core and I was able to get back on the course thanks to the professional and helpful folks at OrthoVirginia,” she says.