Patient Stories

J. Stuart Melvin, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can...once again do all the things I could do three years ago.

Prior to fall of 2014, I had no problems with my right hip, but suddenly and with a quick onset, I began to have pain in my lower back, hip and all the way down my leg to my toes. It was debilitating to the point of not being able to take walks, do yoga, or even walk up and down stairs without limping, and prior to this time, I was very active and exercised a few times each week. I went to a chiropractor for months, which helped a little but for a short period of time, and then started taking NSAIDs to help with the inflammation. Dr. Trucksess (Orthovirginia) is amazing, and she did help with a couple of cortisone injections, but the relief was very temporary. I finally met with Dr. Melvin, and he recommended a total hip replacement (anterior approach). At 45 years old (healthy and average weight), it seemed that I might be young for this type of surgery, but with hip dysplasia and arthritis, I was "bone on bone" in my right hip and in constant pain. Now three months out from my surgery, I am completely back to normal with my hip. Even within a week of my surgery, I was no longer using a walker and feeling much better than before the surgery. I don't regret having the surgery for a moment and was very pleased with Dr. Melvin's treatment from beginning to end.