Patient Stories

William R. Mook, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can... have confidence that my knee will fully recover. Also, I know that I can always get help/advice from my doctor any time.

Two weeks before I was scheduled to leave for my destination wedding, I unfortunately suffered a very serious knee injury while playing in a lacrosse game. I ruptured/tore multiple ligaments, fractured my tibia, and stretched and damaged my peroneal nerve. I was beyond upset and in severe pain. I have been to OrthoVirginia before for a previous surgery and knew they had great doctors. I saw the first doctor who told me that Dr. William Mook would be a better fit for the surgery that we'd have to perform. He couldn't have been more right. Dr. Mook is unbelievable!! He is kind, professional, and extremely talented. It's only been three months and I can walk perfectly fine. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be jogging and running in another few short months. Not only the quality of work was impressive. On several occasions Dr. Mook and his staff helped me by getting paperwork signed on short notice for my disability checks which I almost dropped the ball on. You can even text him and he'll actually respond to you quickly with all the information you requested. I don't typically write reviews for anything, however, when it comes to saving your body for the rest of your life you want to see the best and Dr. William Mook is just that. Thanks for everything doctor!!!!