Patient Stories

David W. Miller, Sr., MD

This is a letter to Hunter Shirey, the assistant to Dr.Miller. I`ve tried to keep up with Hunter Shirey since my surgery, just to let him know what an impact the surgery has made in my life. But I wanted to post it here. I had my hip replaced in April of 2014. I had gained a lot of weight due to lack of physical activity from pain. I then got so heavy after the surgery because you get to a point where u feel like all hope is lost. Then in 2016 i got off the couch and made some life changes. My new hip didnt let me down and it was not painful to workout, but no matter what i kept thinking about what Hunter had told me, and that was I could do anything I wanted and the hip was going to be good.

Hey Hunter Shirey,

This is Cathie Mitchell , just to let ypu know my new hip is still awesome! I have lost a total of 86lbs in the last year. I run about 35 miles a week and swim regularly. I have had no issues with my hip and getting stronger every day.

I wanted to let you know this because when I was truly down and in a tremendous amount of pain you were the only one who took me seriously and listened to me, that was so important. I thank you so much because your bedside manner was so amazing when I needed it the most. I tell everyonethat my new hip changed my life and the people who put it there were awesome. 

I will keep you posted when i get rid of the last 15lbs. God Bless you and continue to keep changing lives for the better.