Patient Stories

Mark R. McMahon, MD

My Story:

Dr. McMahon is the best! My shoulders are genetically very loose and I tear things easily. Dr. McMahon has done a total of 6 shoulder surgeries and he is like a part of my family. He has done 4 ACL reconstructions on both of my sons, two shoulder surgeries on my youngest son. We joke around with him that over the last 12 years and the amount of repairs that he has done (and not a repeat of any of his repairs), that my family should get a named wing at the Surgical Center.

We just love him and OrthoVirginia!! My daughter has finally become a part of the "repair team" as well. Dr. Novak just performed surgery on her shoulder for a torn labrum January '13.

So, suffice it to say, we trust only OrthoVirginia for our orthopedic needs.