Rapid Recovery for Outpatient Total Joint Surgery

Hip and knee arthritis can be debilitating and limit your ability to perform normal activities. Arthritis occurs when the cushioning… Read More

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What to Expect with Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Outpatient total joint replacement has many benefits for the patient, including ease of the surgery, lower cost, quicker recovery time,… Read More

The Mako for Knee and Hip Replacements at OrthoVirginia

The Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System is now offered at OrthoVirginia’s Herndon operatory for knee and hip replacements.

Rapid Recovery from Total Knee and Hip Replacements

Dr. Edward Lambert, a knee and hip replacement specialist, explains his rapid recovery program for total knee and hip replacements.

Dos and Don’ts: Knee Braces, Slings, and Boots

Kris Paley, durable medical equipment equipment services manager, explains how to use knee braces, slings and boots properly and gives tips for first-time users.

by Kris Paley

The Mako Knee Replacement: What Do You Need to Know?

Dr. Kevin Sumida explains how Stryker’s Mako System may be your best option for your knee replacement procedure.

Replacing A Joint Replacement: When and Why

Dr. Vignesh Alamanda discusses when and why a joint replacement needs to be replaced.

Total Joint Replacement Without a Hospital

Outpatient joint replacement surgery may be an option for patients who will be getting knee, hip or shoulder replacements.

What to Do If Your Orthopedic Surgery is Postponed

Tips and information if your elective surgery is postponed due to the coronavirus.

by Peter A. Caprise, Jr., MD

Physical Therapy after a Knee Replacement

Learn about physical therapy that you may have after your total knee replacement or partial knee replacement.