Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Most cases of Achilles tendonitis can be treated with at-home remedies under your physician’s supervision.

Causes and Prevention of Stress Fractures in the Foot and Ankle

Stress fractures are extremely common in feet and ankles. Follow these tips to help prevent them.

by Eli Reece

Minimally Invasive Os Trigonum Excision

What is posterior impingement? Posterior ankle impingement syndrome causes pain in the back of ankle. It typically occurs in a… Read More

Minimally Invasive Achilles Repair

Dr. Paul Switaj explains how to do a minimally invasive surgery to fix a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Minimally Invasive Achilles: Haglund’s Syndrome and Endoscopic Calcaneoplasty

Dr. Paul Switaj explains Haglund’s syndrome and the minimally-invasive treatment for it, endoscopic calcaneoplasty.