Hip arthroscopy (minimally invasive hip surgery) is the fastest growing procedure of orthopedic sports medicine and is being increasingly used to treat hip impingement and labral tears in young, athletic patients (usually age 16-40). As a sports medicine surgeon I have witnessed the increased need for this procedure firsthand as our understanding of the athletic hip has evolved. Because the hip joint is one of the tightest in the body, it must be opened up or “distracted” to allow room for arthroscopic instruments.

Until recently, hip joint distraction was commonly performed by pulling a patient’s leg against a post placed between the patient’s legs in the groin area. Unfortunately, this method has caused groin injuries in some patients, especially when more complex procedures that require more time are performed.

Thankfully, Stryker has developed a cutting-edge, pioneering operative table that allows for distraction of the hip without the post:

The Pivot Guardian Table.

The post-less table significantly diminishes the risk for groin injury. In a case study of 1000 hip arthroscopies using the Stryker Pivot Guardian Table, there were zero reported incidences of groin-related complications.

Made with a carbon fiber frame, the Pivot Guardian Table uses state-of-the-art locking boots to keep the patient securely and ergonomically in place. With the post removed from the groin area, the surgeon has greater range of motion, visibility, and control during the procedure. Additionally, since the risk for groin injury is minimized, the surgeon can perform more complex procedures without the worry of inducing a groin injury. Overall, this table dramatically improves patients’ post-surgical results.

Here at OrthoVirginia, we are proud to be the first and only practice in the Richmond area to own and routinely use the Stryker Pivot Guardian Table to provide the highest quality of care.

It would be my pleasure to meet with you in a one-on-one appointment, in person or using telemedicine, to discuss if hip arthroscopy is the right treatment solution for you.

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