Frightful: Dull Knives for Pumpkin Carving
Fun: Carving Kit for Pumpkin Carving

Use a carving kit to be safe as you carve your jack o’ lanterns for display. If you don’t have a carving kit, a responsible adult can carefully use a sharp knife, as long as no one is nearby to accidentally bump into them. Dull knives and other tools that are not designed for pumpkin carving (other than long-handled spoons to scoop out the “guts”) can cause cuts and bigger injuries due to their condition or use. “Help prevent hand injuries while carving pumpkins by using proper tools and doing age-appropriate tasks,” says OrthoVirginia hand and wrist surgeon Wayne Chen, MD. “Children can design the carving and scoop out pumpkins, while adults or supervised older teens can carve.”

Frightful: Dark Paths
Fun: Well-Lit Paths

Paths without lights are harder to see, and increase the chances you’ll sprain your ankle. Make sure that you’re using well-lit paths as you trick-or-treat. OrthoVirginia physician Christopher Lake, MD, agrees. He says “it is important to have clear vision and remain in well-lit areas to avoid falls that could result in potential injury.”

Frightful: Walking on the Shoulder and Jaywalking
Fun: Using Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Cars may be driving through while you’re trick-or-treating, so make sure you use sidewalks and crosswalks so they can see you and expect you.

Frightful: Trick-or-Treating Alone
Fun: Trick-or-Treating In a Group

There’s safety in numbers, so trick-or-treat as a group. Stay together and make sure you know where everyone in your group is. Children should trick-or-treat with an adult. This Halloween, go trick-or-treating with your immediate family. Do not gather in large groups and continue to social distance. Limiting interaction with others will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Frightful: Rubber and Plastic Full-Face Masks
Fun: Fabric Masks You Can See Through & COVID Masks

Not being able to see clearly through your full-face Halloween mask means you’re more likely to miss a root or accidentally step off the sidewalk. It’s also more difficult to make sure that you’re staying with your group, and to avoid any traffic in the road or Halloween decorations on sidewalks. The spread of COVID-19 doesn’t stop for Halloween. Protect yourself and others by wearing a COVID mask that covers both your nose and mouth.

Frightful: All Dark Outfits
Fun: Flashlights and Reflectors

Make sure that people can see you! Carry flashlights that are on while you trick or treat, and wear sneakers with reflectors on them. You can even incorporate safety reflectors into your costume – use safety reflectors where a superhero costume would light up, for example!