Sandra R. Saunders, MS, PT, CHT

Professional Experience:

Sandra R. Saunders, MS, PT, CHT, is a physical therapist and certified hand therapist at OrthoVirginia’s Boulder’s and Johnston-Willis locations. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from UVA (1977), then a second bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from MCV/VCU (1979). She worked in New Orleans and was involved in Sport medicine at UNO and guest teaching at LSU Physical Therapy School prior to moving to back to Richmond to pursue her Master’s Degree. She obtained an Advanced Masters degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy with an emphasis in Hands in 1988. Her published Master’s thesis was Location of Pain Modulation When High Frequency TENS is used over a Trigger Point. Sandy has been working as a hand therapist in the Richmond area for almost 30 years. During this time she has lectured to therapist about evaluation and treatment of the hand at meeting of AAHS and ASHT on CMC arthritis, Raynands Phenomenon/Disease, wrist evaluation and treatment and pain management. . She co- author a chapters in Rehabilitation of the Hand: Surgery and Therapy, 3rd edition and Evaluation of the Shoulder: A sequential Approach in Physical Therapy of the Shoulder. She has published Physical Therapy Management of Hand Fractures in Journal of Physical Therapy 1989; 69:1065-1076.