MOVE Sports Performance and Wellness

OrthoVirginia’s MOVE Sports Performance and Wellness is an all-encompassing training facility that specializes in equipping athletes and non-athletes alike with proper training that empowers them to reach their specific goals. Our certified coaches provide unique and customized programs for individuals of all ages and all skill levels. Additionally, our licensed physical therapists are able to instruct injured athletes back onto the field with our advanced return-to-sport programming.

Whether your goal is to reach a new level of physical fitness, learn how to safely perform a balanced workout, or to perfect your sport skills, our coaches are fit to get you fit!



How does the program work?

Clients can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our coaches. Based on the results of the initial assessment, a customized program is developed to help the client reach their goals. Each session will be one-on-one with one of our strength coaches, lasting an hour long. The coach will instruct the client through a workout routine that is uniquely suited for their particular fitness goals, while conducting assessments intermittently throughout their program.

What do training sessions include?

Your program is designed to address your specific fitness needs. Our strength coaches will work with you individually to educate and instruct you throughout your program. Our coaches specialize in integrating a variety of quality sport-specific movements/skills training, cardiovascular conditioning, and general strength training exercises to accomplish your unique goals.

Who can benefit from this program?

We cater to the training needs of everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, the novice gym go-er to the veteran fitness enthusiast. Our team has worked with individuals of all ages and is equipped to assist clients back to their unique fitness goals.

How is training different from physical therapy?

Physical therapy helps patients with recent surgeries or orthopedic injuries return to their every-day life. Once rehabilitation is complete, OrthoVirginia’s Sport Performance and Wellness is here to assist the individual to transition back to their own personal fitness goals or sports conditioning needs.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of training packages offered at our facility:

1 Session: $65
4-pack: $60/session
8-pack: $55/session
16-pack: $50/session

Group Rates:

2 people: $35/person
3 people: $30/person
4 people: $25/person

Seasonal Special

4-pack: $50/session

Where would I train?

At OrthoVirginia’s St. Mary’s facility in Richmond.