Soccer Resources

OrthoVirginia is proud to be a sponsor for many soccer teams across Virginia. The material here is gathered so soccer players at all levels, as well as their coaches and families, can stay healthy and safe as they play.


Watch videos from our providers to gain more information about common injuries encountered in soccer and the treatments for those issues.


Prepare for the Season

If You’re Injured

If you’re injured, you can head to Ortho On Call for urgent orthopedic care. If it’s a severe injury, dial 911 or head to the emergency room.

For Parents

Parents are a crucial part of a student-athlete’s success. These blog posts are geared towards parents of athletes.

OrthoVirginia Sports Performance

OrthoVirginia’s Sports Performance program is designed to help athletes transition back to the playing field after physical therapy. The dedicated physical therapists and trainers specialize in performance enhancement to minimize your risk of re-injury.

Soccer Sponsorships

OrthoVirginia sponsors many soccer teams around the state to encourage athletes to be safe and healthy as they exercise.