What is Return to Sport?

Return to Sport is a medically supported, small group post-rehabilitation program in Northern Virginia that bridges the gap between medical treatment and rehabilitation and your return to an active or competitive lifestyle.

It is designed for people of all ages who have suffered an orthopedic injury.

At OrthoVirginia, Return to Sport features a comprehensive video evaluation and targeted, 12-week training program to restore 100% of performance and ensure your body is ready for action.

Because it is part of OrthoVirginia's Sports Medicine Program, Return to Sport offers easy access to fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists if you need them.

How does the program work?

Return to Sport begins with a video evaluation to assess your current level of performance. It measures four key variables: symmetry, alignment, rhythm and accuracy. Based on the results*, your Recovery Specialist will recommend the right training protocol for you.

Personal and small group training is available, with a maximum of 4 participants per group.

Three training options are available. 

  • Option 1: Attend Return to Sport fitness sessions twice a week to get you back in action safely and quickly. (24 sessions)
  • Option 2: Attend Return to Sport fitness sessions once a week to stay on track. (12 sessions)
  • Option 3: Attend Return to Sport fitness sessions every other week to receive guidance and feedback, while performing additional training independently. (6 sessions)

*Note: If you feel pain during your preliminary evaluation, it is recommended you return to your physician or physical therapist before proceeding with an exercise program.

What do the training sessions include?

Each one-hour session focuses on the specific part of your body that needs attention. Sessions include progressively dynamic stretching, loading, reaction, balance, release and coordination, along with exercises to build strength and endurance.

Who can benefit from this program?

Return to Sport benefits athletes of all ages and abilities – from recreational to professionally competitive. It is designed for anyone who has received medical treatment and rehabilitation for a sports-related injury such as an ACL tear, labral tear, torn meniscus, rotator cuff disorder or throwing injury. The program also helps people with overuse injuries or chronic conditions that resist treatment.

How is Return to Sport different from physical therapy?

Return to Sport enhances the results of your orthopedic and physical therapy care by guiding you through fitness protocols to complete your recovery from injury. Without quality post-rehabilitation training to integrate full body strength, flexibility and coordination, you're not fully preparing yourself to get back to regular physical activity.

How is the program different from fitness training?

OrthoVirginia has taken the guesswork out of finding a qualified professional who is specifically trained to care for you following injury or surgery and rehabilitation. In addition, by working out with others who are recovering from similar injuries, you can be sure that everyone is focused on the same recovery tasks. Finally, the small group setting keeps costs down.

Who leads this program?

Return to Sport is led by Austin Johns, NSPA Certified Conditioning Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, ACE Health Coach and nutritionist.

How much does the program cost?

The price varies depending on the training option you select:

  • Group sessions
    • 24 sessions – $44/session
    • 12 sessions – $54/session
    • 6 sessions – $59/session
  • Personal training – $112/session

Return to Sport is not covered by health insurance. However, patients may use their flexible spending account or health savings account to pay for this program.

Is a referral needed?

A referral from a physician or physical therapist is recommended, but not required.

Where is the program located?

Return to Sport is conveniently located in Northern Virginia at OrthoVirginia's Herndon Physical Therapy Clinic, 13350 Franklin Farm Road, Suite 300 in Herndon, VA and at OrthoVirginia's McLean Physical Therapy Clinic, 8180 Greensboro Drive, Suite 300A in McLean, VA.

To schedule an appointment, please email Neil Parry at neil.parry@orthovirginia.com.