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Telemedicine Allows At-Home Care

by OrthoVirginia Team

Telemedicine Allows At-Home Care

James, a recent shoulder surgery patient, shared his experience of using telemedicine during his surgery follow-up and physical therapy.

"I had a very positive telemedicine experience with Dr. Eschenroeder.  It was as thorough as an in person appointment.  I was able to demonstrate my range of movement improvement from my shoulder surgery and share with him my recovery experience.  I had the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns I had and he was able to get the information he needed to fully engage in my follow up care.  I plan to continue to have telemedicine appointments during this course of treatment.

I also have had a very good experience with my telemedicine physical therapy with Lisa Ray.  I have been meeting with her twice a week.  She has been able to monitor my progress, demonstrate my exercises and make sure that I was performing my PT correctly.  

For all my appointments with Dr. Eschenroeder and Lisa Ray I found that it was very helpful to have my wife involved to do  the camera work and aid in some of my PT exercises.  

I have no hesitation in recommending OrthoVirginia telemedicine to other patients, particularly during this time of COVID-19 social isolation. It was a positive experience, very efficient and got the job done."