Stress is hard to avoid when we are injured, scared, worried and just don’t feel good. We’re not sure how long it will take to feel better, or when we’ll be able to return to work or fun. Or our parents or children may be injured or in pain, and don’t understand what is going on. When we’re stressed, our initial attitudes and responses may be different than in our regular lives.

The simple act of giving kindness is free, positive, and healthy. Saying please and thank you, being polite and waiting your turn all help make your visit a more pleasant and a healthier one for you and for everyone around you.

Scientific evidence shared by Stanford University indicates kindness holds the power to heal.

Just being kind to each other is an often overlooked, virtually cost-free remedy with a statistically significant impact on our physical health. And it doesn’t require a trip to the pharmacy.

Our team is committed to your healing. Your partnership with your care team is integral to your healing. The kindness you extend toward your care team starting with our front desk staff and continuing on to our medical assistants, x-ray technicians, and other staff members has been proven to aid in the success of your healing.

Simple displays of patience and a smile are the foundation to kind behavior, and you can start your healing journey immediately by being kind.

At OrthoVirginia, there is no tolerance for unkind, impatient, or rude behavior. Ultimately, when you display any of these behaviors, the person most impacted is you.

Please keep your healing and how your behavior impacts your ability to live a healthy, vibrant and active life top of mind. Our care teams are your biggest champions.