Who we are

With more than 100 orthopedic specialists in over 30 locations in Lynchburg, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Southwest Virginia, and Virginia Beach, OrthoVirginia is the state’s largest provider of orthopedic medicine and therapy. Our integrated offices include on-site therapy, surgery centers, and advanced imagery.

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What we stand for

As an independent practice, our physicians are invested in providing comprehensive care to patients in our communities. We support community organizations with financial and medical assistance, and each office looks for tangible opportunities to build the wellness of people living in our cities and neighborhoods.

One of the ways we give back is through patient-focused advocacy. In today’s complicated healthcare landscape, patients deserve clarity and convenient, affordable access to the best possible orthopedic care.

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Together Strong

Mission: OrthoVirginia champions healthy, vibrant, active communities. One person at a time.

Vision: OrthoVirginia will set the standard of excellence for patient-centered, high-quality care.

Values: Compassion, Excellence, Unity