This service will be available starting Monday, December 13 for all OrthoVirgnia x-rays taken since March 1, 2021. OrthoVirginia is the first practice in Virginia to offer this exciting technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my x-rays?

  1. Log into MyChart.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Click View Images. If you have not created an Ambra account previously, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions. If you have created an Ambra account, the page will automatically load. 
  4. The Frequently Asked Questions link above the row of x-rays has illustrated instructions on how to see your x-rays.
  5. Each row is a different x-ray. Within the row, click Images to see the x-ray and Download to download it.
  6. To email the images, click the checkbox under the arrow at the end of the row. A window will pop up. In the window, you can insert a message and an email address to send the x-ray to your primary care provider or other person who needs to see it. 
  7. To get a QR code for accessing the image, click the box with an arrow in it directly to the left of the image name. Click New Access Link next to Patient Access Link and a QR code will be generated. You may print the QR code and take it to your primary care provider or other person who needs to see the image.


What is Ambra? Why do I need to create an Ambra account?

Ambra is the tool that allows your x-rays to be shown within MyChart. Creating an Ambra account allows you to view your x-rays online. You will only need to create the Ambra account once.

If I draw lines or make notes on my x-ray in the viewer will it save?

No, lines or notes on your x-ray in the viewer will not be saved.